[Style Files] My Favorite Airport Inspiration

So, one of my favorite parts about traveling, especially via airplanes, is figuring out what to wear. It's definitely an art form, and while you might roll your eyes and say, "Don't be a snob, throw on sweatpants, a T-shirt, and sneakers, and call it a day," I must disagree. Dress sloppy, feel sloppy, and it's very annoying to feel sloppy on nine hour plane rides or even five hour plane rides. No, I'm not saying I forbid you wear any of the three mentioned, but if they make you feel like you're about to go to the gym or go to bed, then you might want to rethink.
Sidebar: Last one's not actually airport, but it's a good
example of how a T-shirt can be a little more put together.
Personally, I don't think I've ever quite gotten my airport style right. It's never been terribly awful, but it's always trying to do too much. When I first traveled to Italy & Greece, I got so caught up in what to wear, I looked ridiculous. I wore a crew neck sweatshirt and shorts to South Korea. To California, I wore a longer skirt and a simply white top, and to Spain, I wore loose black pants, a tank, and a white sweater (I was trying to save space!). Each time on the way back, I was trying to wear my suitcase home, so I looked a little...homeless. I go more into what I believe are the do's and don'ts here. On this post, I want to celebrate someone I think nails it each time she walks off the airport. Whether it's a stylist or her, I don't care, she always looks good and comfortable. 
Jessica Jung
As a member of Korea's most famous idol group, girl travels a lot. She's nailed it down to an art form--long pants, flat shoes, simple, breathable top with a few variations in between. Colder weather constitutes a layering of shirts and sweaters and a scarf; warmer weather constitutes shorter clothes and sometimes dresses. I stalk this tumblr constantly for her airport updates, which is where these images are from. I'm convinced it will help me one day nail down my own airport style.

UPDATE: She's now a former member of said idol group.