Where I've Been...

Guys! I've been a busy bee since I last posted. Do you like the updates to the blog? I've been trying to clean it up and give it a fresh feel while setting up what I want to do with it. I'm starting to lean towards deleting my Facebook eventually, and I want this space to be a way for me to keep up with the friends who I don't necessarily talk to everyday. That probably sounds somewhat narcissistic--after all, who expects their FB friends to suddenly take an interest in her life so much that they follow a blog about it, but, you know, there might be, like, one person out there...

Anyhow, after I turned in my last paper, it was time to sit back and anxiously pick at my cuticles in preparation for my grade... Just kidding. I've come to a point in college that I cannot fret over things like grades. As long as I'm doing well (which for me is maintaining somewhere in the A range), I should sweat the small things (like a B in my American Government class, which I took purely for distribution). Fretting leads to stress, and stress is something I need to actively try to cut out of my life. It takes too much energy, reeks havoc on my health, and gives me pimples, I swear.

Really, though, I've been busy!

Roommates move out, apartment feels empty.

Taylor Swift Concert! Not to mention seeing Ed Sheeran sing live, which is a treat in and of itself.
TBH I loved the Fearless tour more, but it was one of my first concerts, so of course I'm biased! I will say I'm loving T. Swift's new look (it's a look I've been patiently waiting for her to realize since 2008!), though I'm missing the curls!

Peer Mentor Training
The Peer Mentor Program at my college is based on helping Freshmen adjust to college life. We have training in the spring and a more extensive training in the fall. My favorite parts? The dance parties in the after hours and the fact that we get the Freshman book for free (more on that later!). Have you heard of the "Jungle Skank"? Learn it, love it, and I'll see you in August.

I went with my little to her beach house in Ocean City, Maryland! Surprisingly this is my first time going to the MD version--my family usually goes to Jersey if anything. Fran showed me around the boardwalk and we hung out the beach. Be wary of those Scopes people unless you really want your picture taken. Both of us were exhausted by the end of each day because we were still getting over this semester!

Yesterday was Graduation Weekend! Guys, as of today, I am officially a senior. I'm seriously not okay with it in the least bit, but we're going to take baby steps. I haven't cried yet, but I think it's because it hasn't really hit me that all of these people I've seen everyday in college aren't going to be here next year, and that I'm not the oldest class. It's surreal to say the least.

More news in the works! I'm spending the next few days stabilizing and reenergizing because I have a research project coming up! I'll be headed back to C-Town on Thursday already!