[Style Files] Split Personality

My personal style tends to go in all sorts of directions at any given time or any given whim. I like a lot of looks (I'll always have a penchant for the boho and rocker styles--I own a pair of imitation Balmain studded heels from DSW), but this summer I've been really into these different looks:
The Girly Girl
Think whimsy, simply, with unapolagetic girly touches. Like heart shaped glasses, polka dots, pink. It's not too crazy with the accessories, letting the clothes themselves stand out. The cuts are sweet, feminine, and perpetually youthful. It appeals to the side of me that loves spring, blowing bubbles, and twirling around in the sun. 
The Artist
This look is mostly inspired by the side of me that loves hipster things and secretly wishes I could rent a shabby shoebox apartment in some city with a barely functioning laptop and unlimited ramen in my cupboards. I usually own glasses like these (currently lost in Spain!) and the look is all about total comfort and ease. It's the side of me that likes writing for hours on end, reading the classics, and shopping at Whole Foods or outdoor markets.
The Jet Setter
Michael Kors is one of my favorite brands for a reason. It's all about the jetset look. The simple, chic woman who dresses with ease and looks effortlessly stylish. I throw on a dress, slip into some sandals, and get onto my flight just in time. It's more of a dream style. It's the side of me that wants a fun life full of adventure, travel, and a little bit of glamour.

What are your style personalities?


  1. I'm a mix between jet setter and girly

  2. These are all looks I can totally see you wearing [and rocking]

    xo Hil