Things I Would Do on the Fourth...

So. Here's the deal. I've never had a July 4th off really. Between working retail and lifeguarding, I usually work, this year included. Or, you know, I'm in a country that doesn't even celebrate the US's Independence day. But, if I were to celebrate, I would definitely do the following (think of this post as a prediction of something I'll do in the future):

DIY a pair of flag shorts.
How cute are these? I would wear them with some loose white tank (show off my hopeful summer tan), and I'd probably avoid wear any sort of shoe at all cost.

Paint my nails in a fun red.
I like nail designs on other people, but I'm not big on them myself. I do, however, like a pretty red nail!

Head down to the beach (preferably to my house there)
Probably nothing quite this extravagant. But it'd be fun to have a house near the beach where I can get either my husband, brother, dad, or any friend to grill (let's be real here. I'm not going to be the one grilling). And we can spend all day relaxing on the beach and then come back for...

A red, white, & blue themed BBQ.
Pin is here!
I think this is the cutest thing ever. Pinterest is chock full of ideas, and I love all of them. I would definitely do as much with patriotic fruit (strawberries, watermelon, blueberries) as I conceivably can. I would also definitely do all sorts of fun drinks in the colors too! There would also definitely be crabs, turkey burgers, and corn on the cob!

End the night with fireworks, of course. 

I know. I'm not that imaginative. But believe me, I'm never going anywhere near shopping centers or pools for my future Fourth of July's. I've had enough of that already. 


  1. I have done a DIY USA flag and it is so fun!


    1. Never saw this comment until right now (-cough- over a year later -cough-). I STILL have yet to try it!!