In Light of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

So here's the deal. I am, and always have been, a fan of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and the whole concept of the Angels advertising. I enjoy the sparkles, the bedazzled bras, and all that goes into creating the VS image. I don't watch the show for pure fitness reasons (or to bemoan my own lack of a perfectly sculpted backside, frontside, or stomach area), but I watch it for the pure energy and celebratory feeling I get each year the show comes around. This isn't the serious, sometimes moody sometimes judgemental, runway show of fashion week (month). VS Fashion Show is a celebration of a brand that manages to appeal to men and women alike for very similar reasons. It's fun. For me, it celebrates the woman's ability to be sexy and silly and funny. These chicks command the runway because they strut in a body in which they are totally happy. Yes, these bodies happen to be long torsoed, long legged, and perfect, but, hey, any size can strut with this confidence.

I don't know. The way the VS Angels show off how happy and confident they are in their bodies doesn't make me want to turn around and do pilates full time or run a thousand miles. It makes me want to reach that level of confidence in my own body. Instead of frumping it up like I'm wont to do (oversized crewneck sweatshirts, anyone?), I want to put on a fitted dress and a pair of pumps. I want to actually do my hair nicely instead of shoving it back into a ponytail. I think that's why I like watching the show every year, and I get incredibly irritated by all the sarcastic comments about it. These are the chicks that will laugh with you all through the morning, dance with you in the middle of the club, and sing karaoke until your throats are sore. In the meantime, they make you feel as -insert classic adjectives about VS models- as they feel.

So next time you roll your eyes at Karlie's perfectly long legs or Alessandra's insane post-baby bod, remember they're struttin' the same thing you could have if you let yourself-- confidence.

Also, how awesome was T.Swift? Even though I wish she had sung something else besides "I Knew You Were Trouble," since I feel that's her go to song for things like this, I still loved it! Haters can shush, T.Swizzle is here to stay!

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