[Sorority Stuff] Recruitment

Every school runs recruitment a little differently and for different lengths of time. I know my friend at Lehigh had to go back early for rush, and someone else told me UPenn's rush lasts almost a month (Good lord knows I wouldn't have lasted that long!). At my school it's just a week, starting on Sunday and ending the next. On the sorority side of recruitment, it can be intense in terms of planning. Everything from ordering different T-shirts to meticulously planning every party to learning songs and getting all the girls together can be exhausting for Recruitment chair. However, when it does roll around (not to mention Bid Day coming up in less than a week now!), it's SO MUCH fun. Our theme this year is Come Sail Away with ZTA, so our first party theme was Under the Sea. I couldn't stay for the whole thing since I had work (and I requested off for Bid Day!), but I managed to be around in the beginning and for set-up. I think it looked pretty good! Of course, most of these pictures are courtesy of sisters who have the nicer cameras!)
My Big & I
Our THINK PINK table
A look at our different crafts
(Our whole chapter. As you can see, our school is SMALL, and we're the biggest chapter on campus! You can also spy some of the other decorations here!)

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