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It's been a while since I did a Tips & Tricks post. Honestly, I haven't had much to share! However, with my recent obsession with hair (especially after the VS Fashion Show; Lindsay is my favorite Angel based on her hair alone), I feel like I've picked up some valuable tips along the way. From swimming for over a decade and trying to combat the chemicals that my poor locks have endured to forever being obsessed with looking up various tutorials, I have collected a number of tips to help with most hair. So, here's a starter on some unique-ish tips on this filamentious biomaterial of ours.
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1. For better, longer lasting curls, start in the shower. So, I don't know about you, but doing the whole "day old hair" in order to have a better base for curling hair doesn't work for me. I get greasy roots so fast, not to mention dry shampoo doesn't really help my dandruff problem. I did however read somewhere (probably Marie Claire) that if you want a better base for curling your hair, condition first them shampoo. Since shampoo will get any left over conditioner that might cling to your hair even after you've rinsed. I've done this a few times, and it works! It's better than not conditioning at all (which for my dry ends, is always necessary) and the day old hair trick.

2. Mix your products. I don't just mean switching up your products after each bottle is finished--which is normally recommended--, but I mean when you actually use your shampoo or conditioner. I need Head & Shoulders for my dry scalp, but if I only use H&S, it'll make my hair greasy. So, I get the really cheap clarifying shampoo and put a little of each in at the same time, and it works like a charm. I get clarifying and moisturizing!

3. Yes, kitchen products can work wonders. Olive oil is a great conditioning treatment. Put hair in a ponytail and put olive oil all along it, sleep on a towel, and then wash out in the morning. Baking soda is great at clarifying when mixed with shampoo. Mayonnaise, ketch-up---all are great.

4. Dry hair at the roots first. If you're worried about frizz or you want your hair to dry faster, start at the roots. Before even brushing it, lift up your hair at the roots and aim the blow dryer there. I swear it works like a charm every time.

5. Obviously, don't condition your roots. Not matter what your hair/skin type is, it just frankly doesn't need it.

6. Give your bangs some volume. This took me years to figure out. My hair is pretty straight, so bangs fall flat quite easily. I learned from seeing my friend do it. She'd take a Velcro roller and put it under her bangs while they were drying. It gives volume without turning it into a cheesy curl.

7. Be kind to your hair. Between dying, swimming like me, and all the heat products in between, it's easy to forget that you've gotta be nice to your hair. If you want to the shine and bounce, you've gotta be nice to it. 

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