[Sorority Stuff] Bid Day!

Our whole chapter!
In sorority terms, Bid Day is our Christmas. After a long recruitment period of practicing, constant talking, and, on the occasion, being scolded, everything that's promised happens and each sorority has a group of brand new girls to call sisters. Even if recruitment puts you in the worse mood ever (which it did for me junior year), bid day more than makes up for it. This year, more than even mine or the one last year, was probably my absolute favorite. Instead of having inside (technical difficulties), we had it out in Martha Washington Square. First are the mid-morning pictures of everyone.
Facetiming one of our sisters while she studies abroad in Hong Kong!
The seniors, in all our disfunction.
Reppin' our job ;)
Swimmers & Swammers. Now there's more to add!
The comes the actual introductions. Basically, each girl is introduced by recent alumnae, and we cheer at the top of our lungs. Clapping, chanting, hugging, and squealing all ensue, and even the introverts basque in the fun of it. Seniors get to go up and grab a girl, and this year we gave them sailboats with their names on them and little tiaras. This year was also special because it was the Greek Life adivsor's last year. The Alpha Chi's (AXQ) did something really sweet where they made her an honorary alumna initiate!
Afterwards, we took pictures with all the new members. (I probably have more pictures from my bid days than when I studied abroad!) We also grabbed lunch with everyone since, after all, all the excitement makes everyone hungry.
Aren't we cute?
Then we send them back to their rooms for an hour or so in order to prepare for the party we throw them. Since our theme was "Come Sail Away with ZTA," we decorated the Skybox with all sorts of nautical decor (like fishing nets, navy banners, etc). We also have a tradition where we parade around campus in our bid day shirts and give the girls shirts to change into.
The parade
The overall set-up
Some close-ups of the table decor

Over all, it was a GREAT Bid Day, and I'm so sad it's my last!

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