Getting closer to graduation has made me a little nostalgic. One of the reasons why I continue to blog, albeit sporadically, is that these internet forums are my way of documenting my life. I was never a big journal keeper, but blogging has always been in my life since I was a freshman or sophomore in high school. I was perusing my old, old blog and musing through the periods when I tried my hardest to be artistic. I never had friends who fully got my Lula Mag lovin' side, and I could never quite capture the looks and aesthetics of my favorite blogs of the time, but I did come away with some pretty funny pictures. I've gone through a very long time of feeling creatively stunted, and I'm starting to feel it creep back bit by bit (or I hope it's that!). Anyhow, here are some throwback pictures to my adolescence. Gosh, I feel old.
Ah that hair... I remember liking this picture because I looked chesty.
Remember that phase where everyone was going nuts over Sea of Shoes? And she had this cool
vintage thing going on? This was my attempt of replication-- my mom's dress from the eighties.
Shoulder pads and all
The first of many ribbons to come. Instead of the soror-girl thing, I tried for whimsical.
Still love that dress! Might be in my closet. 
My friend's film camera. I love everything about this picture! That kid was my ride
home at the time.
PS Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers!

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