[Book Club] An Intellectual Heartbreaker

Kazuo Ishiguro

I've been wanting to read this book for quite a while. I'm not ashamed to say I only learned about it because of the movie staring Keira, Michelle, and Andrew. For some reason or another, I never quite got around to buy or borrowing the book from the library. Well, earlier this semester when I was picking up a book for class, I got to wandering the shelves and looking at all the novels needed for different English classes, and I stumbled across the very book I'd had on my "To-Read" List for ages. I picked it up and in a week or so later, I was beginning to be late for class or other engagements because I needed to keep reading. It wasn't a particularly suspenseful book, but it was the kind of book where you wanted to know how the characters went from point A to point B and why. 

Basically, Kathy, Tommy, and Ruth grow up in the idyllic boarding school of Hailsham where they are told repeatedly just how special they are. They experience classic trials and tribulations of friendship, not fitting in, dating, and more but there is an underlying twist to the whole plot. From terms like "carer" and "completion" and "donations," you get a sense that something is off until Ishiguro slowly reveals the true nature of the characters and Hailsham. 

Definitely a fantastic read! Pick it up and don't be silly like me and wait for forever. Ishiguro is a genius.

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