[Sorority Stuff] Initiation Day!

Since I explained all about Initiation and present-giving in this post, I won't go into all the details this time around. This year since I'm a senior, I helped with conducting the ceremony, and thus I had the opportunity (via rehearsals), to really get to pay attention to what exactly was being said. When I was being initiated, I was far too nervous to really focus, and last year I just sat in the audience, so I never really focused on the words. Try it one time, though, it's actually kind of moving if you think about the different promises and oaths being made (and that's all I'll say about that ;)). 

Anyhow, my little had to go home all that weekend, so it was up to my big and I do the aforementioned present-giving. She crafted most of the basket and whatnot, but we handed it out to my g-little (pictured above!). Since it was so cold out, we opted to keep the present giving inside Freddy, but we did go out to take some pictures later.
We were really tired.... 
And, of course, I finally got a picture with my new member class. I feel so old!

Hope everyone enjoyed their own initiation days!

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