Food in Sinchon

I got this one from my friend's camera, but it was my food (just better quality than my picture)! This was one of the most delicious things I remember about living in the food district of Seoul, South Korea. There was this little restaurant (almost like the Korean version of a diner) right outside my dorm at Yonsei (along the street that faces Ehwa), and if I remember correctly its translated name was "Strawberry." This delicious concoction was ramyun made with ddeokbokki. Ddeokbokki is basically made of rice cakes (the noodly looking things), fish cakes, and (in this case) a hardboiled egg cooked in a sweet chili sauce. It's one of my favorites in Korean food, and I always tried to get it when we saw street vendors! This was such a delicious combo, and it's almost impossible to recreate where I live now. When I visited my friend in California, her mom made us some for lunch, and I ate until I physically couldn't put spicy food in my mouth! 

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