[The Boss Life] Angie & Helene

I'm so excited to introduce the very first interview of this series! Angie and I worked together when I was still going to school down in Maryland, and (of course) we followed each other on Instagram around when I left. I knew Angie had a photography business in Annapolis (a very successful one at that), so I was intrigued when she started posting about a new Instagram, @helene_usa (now @shophelene). This was back in April, and there was no store link just yet, so I followed the Instagram, waiting to see if the store would appear. I'm a total sucker for stacked bracelets and the whole #armcandy phenomenon, so I jumped for joy as soon as I saw the post about the Etsy store opening up. I contacted Angie and asked her if she knew who the owner of Helene was, and if she/he would be willing to do an interview for this blog. She then revealed that Helene was actually her! She was kind enough to give me all the introductory details about this new jewelry business and what makes Helene stand out from the rest.
"I grew up in Palm Beach, Florida," she begins as she describes her background leading up to jewelry design. "The atmosphere there is so relaxed and luxe. It's contagious. I have always loved fashion, accessories, movies, and media-- anything that would allow me to have a creative outlet. I attended Full Sail University with a major in film as well as received my MBA. Soon after I moved to the Washington, DC metropolitan area to become a freelance fashion photographer shooting for a numerous designers, magazines, and dignitaries." Her photography business covers all that is chic in the DC Metro area--weddings, events, restaurants, fashion and lifestyle magazines, and much more. 
Like many of us in the Northeast, Angie found herself with a bit more free time with the Polar Vortex making it too cold do to much of anything else. "...I needed an outlet for my creative energy. I began to envision and create a brand that is all at once casual and chic. Pieces that need no special occasion to be worn; at the beach, by the pool, or an evening out on the town with the girls. The juxtaposition of fine metals with the natural, unadulterated stones make them very unique." Some of my personal favorites are the mixtures of white jade and gold, turquoise and silver, and the blue lapis and gold. She continues, adding that the process, "like any experiment of sorts, has had a lot of trial and error." She cites the "solicitation of opinions from friends and loved ones" in the initial creations and ideas.

On naming this new brand, Angie combined her grandmother's name (Helen) with her own full name (Angeline). "She has always encouraged me to take the road less traveled and to never shy away from a challenge. She told me to accept inspiration-- no matter where it may come from." 
"It has been incredibly fun and rewarding creating a wide variety of pieces that are high quality, statement pieces and have something that fits every personality," she says. On near future plans for Helene, Angie is unsure at the moment. "My mind is always moving, thinking of new designs and materials. However, there are definitely a lot of exciting and beautiful things in store!" She hopes that as the business grows, it becomes a household name, and that she can create a loyal customer base that will find pieces "to make them feel as beautiful as they are." 

Angie has hit the ground running with Helene thus far. After having a model contest, she just shot a gorgeous USA-themed shoot (as you can see in the pictures) to showcase the vibrant colors of her first round of bracelets. In addition to finding a place on Etsy, her pieces can also be found at Way Off the Beaten Path in downtown Annapolis, MD. I personally already have the wrap and 4 gold bar bracelet in tan and gold, and I wear them basically every day. Angie recommends wearing her bracelets stacked, of course! She loves to mix different colors and textures to create a new look and statement for each outfit. 

Check out Angie's personal website HERE.
Helene's Shop HERE.
Helene's Instagram HERE.

Hope you all become as big of fans as I have!

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