Currently I'm...

My pup, doing what she does best... Lounging around the house
  • Reading... The Book Thief by Markus Zusak // Also submissions to a certain literary magazine...
  • Playing... Nothing, actually! I deleted all games off my mom's iPad and my iPhone. There's too much to do and see in the world than to waste time on a game. 
  • Watching... "Discovery of Love." The next in my K-drama addiction (it's like I'm making up for not watching a single one in 2013 and the first half of 2014!). It stars Jung Yumi and Eric Mun, but it also has two favorites, Sung Joon ("I Need Romance 3") and Yoon Jin Yi ("Gentleman's Dignity"). 
  • Trying... to not implode from knowing that I still have four weeks until my departure!
  • Cooking... Eggs. Powerballs. 
  • Eating... Power Balls. I'm so addicted, it's not even funny! Also, if you're near a Steak & Fries franchise, get the Chicken & Fries bowl. So delicious. I ask for no cheese on my fries to make it healthier. It's actually not too bad besides the fries!
  • Drinking... Water. I'm so dehydrated lately. Also that free iced coffee I got because the Eagles won. Thanks, Dunkin!
  • Tweeting... About something different every time. K-dramas, K-pop, hurricanes, drinking coffee too late... You know, riveting stuff.
  • Crafting... Well, not crafting, but knitting a huge scarf for myself!
  • Going... to Pittsburgh next weekend to visit my big! Her sister and I (who is also my friend) are driving up and giving ourselves a mini-PA road trip along the way.
  • Loving... Taylor Swift, or T.Swizzle. I've been a fan since 2007 when I was fifteen. I feel like a proud parent watching her grow and knowing just how genius she really is...even if I'm actually three years younger.
  • Hating... Racism, domestic violence, general intolerance, ISIS, Hamas, hypocrisy... 
  • Discovering... How bad my scribble handwriting is.
  • Enjoying... The weather as it cools down. Also iced pumpkin lattes.
  • Thinking... How terrible my sleeping schedule is (AGAIN!)
  • Feeling... Content, if not thirsty for some adventure.
  • Hoping (for)... A lot. Generally hoping my friends and family continue to be safe! My little is in Baltimore, do you know how terrifying that is?!
  • Wearing... Right now, a spirit jersey with my sorority on it and high school sweatpants I stole from my sister. Earlier, I did have on a dress from work, so I was presentable!
  • Listening (to)... So much music. I already have a solid September playlist!
  • Celebrating... Chuseok! Not really since I'm in the US and my family isn't Korean or Asian. But Happy Chuseok, everyone!
  • Smelling... The new MK Rio de Janeiro scent. What do you think of it?!
  • Thanking... God, of course! (Always!)
  • Considering... Taking an extensive trip back to WAC for a last minute visit before I take off for a year (or more ;)).

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