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So, I've been doing some shopping. Online that is. I know I'm not going to fit into 99% of the clothes in Korea, plus I'll be trying to save while I'm there, so I've been doing some, ya know, pre-shopping. The upside to getting a bajillion e-mails from my favorite sites is that the come with announcements of sales--usually pretty good ones. I thought I'd take advantage of working some extra hours recently to stock up on some essentials. Notice everything I've gotten is pretty neutral and easy to mix and match. I've been trying to take a cue from Un-Fancy and pare down my wardrobe, particularly because I'll be trying to fit it all in two 23 kg suitcases!
  • Pura Vida Bracelets- I love them! The strings are actually a lot stronger than I anticipated. I'll write more about this company in the future!
  • High Neck Old Navy Tank- I got this because it'll be easy to layer and pair with some fun jewelry. Plus, most of my tanks I'm going to have to worry about cleavage (or lack there of), whereas this will be easy to grab and go. Plus it's in black!
  • Old Navy Pixie Chinos in Navy- I got a lot at Old Navy, okay? They had a 30% off sale! These fit perfectly too since I got the petite sizing. I can't wait to start wearing them! They're less stretchy than the original pixie pant, but considering they're still 3% spandex, I'll take 'em.
  • Everlane Backpack in Navy- How cute is it? I literally haven't carried a backpack since freshman year of high school, preferring totes instead, but in a effort to embrace the hippie side of my personality and to encourage myself to take advantage of Jeonju's more rural location, I got this baby. Also, in literally ever drama, variety show, and blogs in Korea, everyone is carrying a backpack somewhere or another... Might as well, just in case!
  • Everlane Langley Cotton Drape Tank- I just got this as well, and I'm intrigued to see how it fits. I've been investing in better quality basics (aka buying them at Everlane) because I really don't want tanks with holes in them midway through next year. I'm not kidding you when I say, I won't be able to find much to fit me!
  • Old Navy Black Ponte Knit Leggings- FINALLY! I've found some thick leggings for a decent price! I bought two of these because I'm a legging fanatic come the winter because I have so many over-sized sweaters and shirts to pair with them. I hibernate in the winter, so comfort is number one for me. And I hate being cold almost as much as I hate being too hot. I'm not an extremes girl when it comes to weather.
  • Old Navy Striped T- I just thought this was a fun little shirt that would look nice tucked into a pencil skirt or with jeans on a weekend day.
  • Levity Booties from DSW- I got these for like $39! I had been eyeing them at the beginning of summer in black, and I discovered recently that they went on sale, plus DSW has a $10 off anything sale. I wound up with brown since black in my size is sold out, and they're so comfortable
  • Old Navy Graphic Tee- I got this in a XL because I really want it to be over-sized and comfy. I'm thinking it'll be a cute lounge shirt for my apartment with some yoga pants. I could also tuck it into jeans for errands around town.
  • Old Navy Pixie Ankle Pants- I chose to get my black pair of dress pants in the original pixie cut with 5% spandex just to see the difference. As long as pants are at least 3% spandex, I'm good to go. I kind of hate pants for their restrictiveness, but I've found a happy medium as long as the spandex is to my liking.
Have you gotten anything fun lately? I have a feeling I'll have a few more last minute purchases before I head off! I promise I've also been incredibly good as saving money too!

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