The Renaissance Faire

So, this past Sunday I decided last minute to go to the Renaissance Faire with some sisters and one of their boyfriends! I haven't been to one since early high school, and I've never been to the one in Annapolis. We got up early, grabbed some Evergrain, and headed out to beat the crowds. I forgot how much I loved it! I think it's a hazard of not having many English literature nerds of history buffs as friends. Anyhow, the nice part of growing up is having your own money to spend. Considering I never bought anything and barely bought food at RennFest in the past, it was nice knowing I didn't have to worry as much if I wanted to get different food or purchase a little souvenir.
One of the best parts was the food (isn't it always?)! Almost as soon as we got there, I got cheesecake on a stick. It's pretty magical if you love cheesecake. Of course, a turkey leg was mandatory. It was actually funny because one of my of my sisters was determined to get that leg before we sat down for one of the skits. It was so worth it, and so delicious. The last thing I grabbed was a peppermint stick in a lemon. Has anyone else heard of this? I've literally never seen or heard of it before this Faire, but apparently a lot of people (mostly from Maryland) view it as a common treat!
Anyhow, the one skit we did sit down for was The Dueling Fools. It was actually pretty hilarious, and the guys who do it are fantastic with their wit. Another of my sisters is a huge RennFest fan, and she was dying to see these guys. It was actually kind of cool because they recognized her after the show! 
Of course, there's also the vendors all around. I wound up getting myself this little journal with paper made from recycled clothing as a treat for my travels (not that I already don't have a bunch of journals!). The whole trip was an absolute blast! Don't know when I'll be back, but I kinda want to find some cool festivals in Korea. Think they might have something similar to RennFest?

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