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As I mentioned in my previous post, Elissa and I met up with another girl who studied with us in Spain, Boreum, at a Spanish restaurant in Madrid (technically it was in Gyeonggi-do, but you can still get there with the metro and maybe a five minute walk). We went in around maybe 1:30 and probably didn't leave until close to 5:00 p.m! I think it's been so long since any of us have been able to just use our Spanish for just some charlando that we had so much to say. Plus I hadn't seen these guys in at least two years, so there was a lot of ground to cover. 

Paella de calamar, Pincho de lomo
{The Food} Let me say that first and foremost for a Korean restaurant, El Olivo is not cheap. However, compared to my experiences in Spain and the happiness level of my stomach (noted by the fact that Elissa and I were so full, we skipped dinner) when I left, I'd say it was worth it. Between two pinchos, a paella, and desert, we each paid around 40,000 won, and I think there was even some paella left over! Dare I say, too, that this restaurant was better than any Spanish restaurant I had ever eaten at? Maybe it's because this was clearly high scale, and most of my semester in Spain was trying to find the best meal deals and not get conned over by the restaurants (I see you with your not-free bread, Spain, I see you). The calamari paella was delicious, and thinking about the pinchos we got is pretty much making my mouth water right now. Additionally, we ordered a sort of mixer desert, and it was the perfect ending to the meal. 
Tortilla, Our postre
{The Actual Place} In terms of service, this is classic Korean service at its best. Our water was free. Our bread was free. Refills on water were free. Service was incredibly friendly. It didn't feel like we were taking up their precious time, and in fact one or two made friendly conversation with us in our broken Spkorglish. Heck, even the bathrooms were beautiful creations to behold. Classic heated toilet seats with a built-in bidet (and toilet paper), totally clean, and there was a flamenco dancer and a bull fighter cut out instead of the typical male/female signs. Every time I left my seat, a waiting waiter was there to pull it out and help me back in. High scale for 40,000 won? Yes, please. 
Don Quixote, anyone?
Over all, you can tell the owner of this restaurant has a love affair with Spain the way most have one with Paris, and it's beautiful to behold. Spain, I feel, is often forgotten on the bucket list/ travel/ culture wish lists. For a European country, it falls into France and Italy's shadows, and in terms of other Hispanic countries, it's so different from the classics of Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador. Everything about the place is so incredibly detailed, you would have thought we were back in some smaller part of Spain. The small basket of wine and grapes in the corner on the stairs, the cute signage across the street, the music... It's a wonderful escape from the bustling city or just craving a little taste of Europe.

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