Holiday Gift Guide: The Jetsetter

Holiday Guide: The Jet Setter
Here's my philosophy about gift-giving: You should always get someone something they want but may never actually buy for themselves. Sensible gifts are stupid. Anything we think we need we'll buy ourselves. Gifts should be fun, and they should show you thought about the other person. Like you were listening when they were talking about wanting a better bag for travel or wanting to spice up their accessories. Don't get someone something that you generically think they'll like. I'd rather get a Visa Gift Card than something I've never really wanted. 

My first guide is for the Jet Setter. She loves travel in the luxurious sense- nice hotels, fancy nights out, looking chic coming off the airplane. Don't mistake her for the adventurous backpacker (that's more the Artist's domain). She loves the idea of high heels even if she'll kick them off the minute it's socially acceptable, and her hair somehow always looks good. She doesn't need a whole lot, and she prefers to own less but higher quality items from her handbag to her clothes to her accessories. She loves trends that evoke old school glamour- think Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn. For the most part, she's quite picky about her wardrobe, her make-up, and her shoes, so don't get her any of that unless you known something she specifically wants. You're safer sticking to current trends (like a floppy hat or a round pair of sunglasses) or classics (a good book or red polish). Here's a run down of what a Jet Setter will be quite happy getting in her stocking.

1. A Chic Accessory. I'm obsessed with hats at the moment after constantly seeing them all over my Pinterest board. It was only reinforced by my recent discovery of World of Wanderlust and her suggestion that a chic hat goes a long way in travel. Your Jet Setter may have an obsession with something random or she may be on the hunt for it or she may have mentioned it in passing. At they very least you can refer to her style Pinterest board and probably find it! It could be a hat, a type of scarf, etc.

2. Red Nail Polish. Or realistically a nail polish in a shade she'd like (not everyone is a red fan). The Jet Setter travels a lot, and she doesn't necessarily like crazier shades (that's reserved for the other two). She likes red, variations on pink, nudes, and, sometimes, black. She gets a French if she's treating herself in a salon, but it takes too much time DIY. Nail polish is one of those things you can splurge on without really breaking the bank (Chanel is around $30), and it's an easy way to give her something a little more luxurious without the price difference making you blanch. After all, what Jet Setter doesn't like the idea of owning a taste of Chanel?    

3. A Stylish Book. Anything about Paris. Anything about travel. Anything about luxury, chic style, or expat fiction. This isn't really a splurge, but a jet setter always appreciates a physical book to pull out of her handbag and read while waiting to catch her next plane/bus/train. 

4. Trendy Sunglasses. Sunglasses are the Jet Setter's secret to looking good. Fresh off a nine hour flight, a long train ride, a bumpy bus ride, stick a pair of cool looking sunglasses n, and ba-bam perfect pictures. She has probably already invested in her own pair of sunglasses that are more neutral and timeless, but this is a good chance to gift her with a trend she's kinda been eyeing for a while. The round sunglasses are in right now, and I find them to look so chic whenever I see them in pictures.

5. A Statement Necklace. Since the Jet Setter keeps her wardrobe minimal and clean to save space and likes to get away with maybe wearing a pair of pants two days in a row, it's always good to have a few statement necklaces on hand to change up an outfit. Keep in mind these necklaces should only be gold or silver with maybe a black design woven in. The bright colors and jewels appeal more to the Feminine girl. These are fun too because there are so many options to choose from. Above is one from Forever 21! If you scan their site, F21 has a trillion options for around $10. And I can speak from personal experience that they last a lot longer than a party or two.

6. A Weekender Bag. If you really, really want to splurge, get the Jet Setter a gorgeous weekender bag. It's the bag that's often overlooked because it brings back haunting memories of stuffed swim bags filled with wet suits and broken caps and goggles (or maybe that's just me...), but it truly is an amazing bag when done well. Get one with a longer strap option and in a durable material. A backpack can sometimes be too cramped, a suitcase too big, and a tote hardly ever works for what the Jet Setter needs to travel. However a beautiful weekender.... Perfect for a trip into the city.

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