The Weekend Uniform

The New Uniform

Don't know about you, but my style changes all the time. Bottom line, though, is my comfort. I strive for it. I don't like things digging into my stomach when I sit, I like to be able to bend my legs, and I want my feet as free as socially possible. Here is pretty much my favorite uniform for the weekend. I just ordered a pair of slide-on shoes in black (to see how I like them), but otherwise I wear leopard loafers, black flats, or Chucks. American Eagle Sky Rise Jeggings are the greatest things AE has ever produced in the history of the world. I'm really digging the minimalist styled graphic crew necks or shirts as well. Oversized, of course. I only brought one from my college here, and I'm quickly wearing it out, so I ordered two from G-market! And, of course, you gotta love a classic pair of black sunglasses. No one really wears sunglasses here, but I for one prefer not to squint in the sun....

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