Holiday Gift Guide: The Feminine Girl

Gift Guide: The Femenine Girl
Here's my philosophy about gift-giving: You should always get someone something they want but may never actually buy for themselves. Sensible gifts are stupid. Anything we think we need we'll buy ourselves. Gifts should be fun, and they should show you thought about the other person. Like you were listening when they were talking about wanting a better bag for travel or wanting to spice up their accessories. Don't get someone something that you generically think they'll like. I'd rather get a Visa Gift Card than something I've never really wanted. 

The Feminine Girl, also know as the Girly Girl. She has embraced femininity in the purest of senses. She loves soft shades, beautiful silhouettes, and all things delicate. If there's one type of individual who's going to put a bow detail into her outfit, it's the FG. She's less likely to travel than the other two, and she might even be a bit of a homebody. She loves lace, glitter, softer shades of pink, and all things cute. Don't mistake her for a Lolita, though. Rather than be full girlish, she opts for girlish details in an otherwise elegant aesthetic. 

1. An SLG
An SLG is a small leather good of any sort. You can splurge and get her a wallet or a all in one bag, or if she does like travel or writing, get her a sweet passport case or journal. She probably already has the purse of her dreams, and she otherwise doesn't like things to be too big, so something small, in a lighter, fun shade will be a sure winner in her eyes.
Splurge: Gigi New York All in One Bag in Cognac for $125.00
Save: J. Crew Factory Leather Passport Case for $17.00

2. A printed scarf.
A beautiful print scarf adds an undeniable femininity to any outfit, whether it's jeans or a dress. She can also tie it different ways--as a headband, around her neck, or around her prized handbag. Get her one with bright colors and a fun but not gaudy print. If you have an idea of her favorite color, you can probably go from there.
Save: H&M Patterned Satin Scarf for $9.95

3. A colorful statement necklace.
While the Jet Setter's only bright color preference is red, and the Artist prefers earthier, more neutral colors, the Feminine Girl loves beautiful, bright colors. Emerald greens, robin egg blues, coral-- these appeal mainly to her. She loves her statement necklaces to be really bold-- jewels, colors, crystals. She'd love to pair it with a simple sheath dress or over a chambray top.
Save: Forever 21 Statement Faux Stone Bib Necklace in Coral for $9.80

4. A sleep mask.
The image of Audrey Hepburn waking up with Cat on her back in a men's tuxedo shirt and the sassy sleep mask is ingrained of just about any girl who has an interest in style. That sleep mask appeals particularly to the Feminine Girl. Get her one so she can feel a little more glamorous when she wakes up in the morning, or, if she is on a plane, she feels a little less stuffy.
Save: MSSilk White Eyelashes Breathable Pure Silk Sleep Mask for $10.92

5. Cheerful artwork.
As I said, the Feminine Girl is the least likely to travel of the bunch, so if there's one person you can get some fun artwork for, it's her. She'll love prints that are around anything French, fashion, or with beautiful typography and a whimsical quote. The following three are my absolute favorites, and I've been following all three of them on Etsy for quite some time.
Splurge: Emma Kistina Original Prints (around $100)
Save: Nan Lawson (any) for about $10.00/a print

6. A light pink nail polish.
The FG loves, loves the beautiful look of ballet pink nails. They will forever add a sweet touch to any outfit, and frankly it's quite a season less color. You'd be hard pressed to find any girl that would absolutely refuse a light pink nail polish. 

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