No Camera, No Problem

What to do when you've lugged your DSLR all the way from Namwon only to realize you left the SD Card in your laptop at home? Resort to the iPhone life... I wanted to update my various profile pictures, so I figured, no camera, no problem. My friend and I hopped on over to Children's Grand Park (off the olive line) to take some photos while the sun was out. Think of this as practice for when it's warm, and CGP is blooming with spring time life! If you want somewhere a little less touristy, check out Kongdae and Children's Grand Park. Kongdae is like Hongdae without the crazy crowds!
Also, major shout out to Elissa who took these photos and was a good sport about me trying to get her to pose! She also lets me crash at her place whenever I'm in Seoul, and I can't wait to return to the favor when she comes to Namwon in the spring!
My Outfit: Yellow Sweater-H&M (Similar) // Jeans-American Eagle // Ankle Boots-G-market