A Sorority Girl Starter Kit

Sorority Girl Starter Kit

Haven't done a Sorority Stuff post in a while, have I? I'll be honest, sorority life fades significantly after graduation, and that's totally okay. There's ways to stay involved, and while you're not confronted with pink and glitter and cheering as much, the impacts sorority life has had on you will stay. Whether it's a particular fondness for certain colors, snapchatting goofy pics to your sisters, keeping the creed kinda in the back of your mind, or using those crafting skills in real life design of your first place, it's always there. I thought I'd do a little post to reminisce on some of the fun aspects of the soror-life, so here's your ultimate Sorority Girl Starter Kit, featuring my sorority, of course:

T H E   C L O T H E S
  • Letters. The shirts you'll see plastered all over movies and pictures. These shirts are the real deal, and every girl has at least two in her arsenal (one for the chapter, one customized to herself). Most girls have a lot more. Letters can be on short sleeves, V-necks, long sleeves, sweatshirts. You name it. The rules are: you don't sleep, sweat, or have sex in them (the three S's). Also, you are expected to wear them at certain times, like Wednesdays. 
  • The Screen-Printed Letters. These are a little more relaxed. You can wear it for working out, lounging, etc. The designs are a little more fun, definitely a little trendier, and they usually make a fun purchase for your little or at a convention. 
  • The Spirit Jersey. A rather new phenomenon in the past year or two, the spirit jersey is the greatest thing ever to happen to sorority clothes, in my opinion. They're over sized, so they work with leggings and make your legs look long in shorts. They're comfortable, so they work for lounging and studying, but you can also make them look soror-cute for functions. 
  • A White Dress. For rituals and the super important, secret parts of sorority life.
  • Anything with the Crest. Only initiated girls of a specific sorority may wear any piece of clothing with the crest on it, so that makes it kinda special. Plus it's a fun change from the different ways to write your letters. I have this quarter-zip sweatshirt with the crest on the pocket that I could live in.
T H E   A C C E S S O R I E S: 
  • The Hair Bow. This is controversial. Some sneer at how girlish it is, some wear it every chance they get. I like hair bows, and I think they're cute. When are you going to be able to wear one again? A hair bow and a spirit jersey together, and you've got this soror thing nailed.
  • A Pair of Sunglasses. For functions outside so you don't have squinty eyes. The days you're not feeling make-up, or you've been up all night. Aviators are my choice, but choose anything that works with your face shape.
  • An iPhone. Or any smart phone with a camera. However the iPhone is the most popular, and it's the easiest to find customized cases for! You need something to instantly upload your pictures to show how cute you're looking for these events. Don't lie, you've done it. I've done it. Stacked pictures, anyone? 
  • Your Pin. The sacred pin! Wear it only on special occasions. And don't lose it. It's expensive to replace!
  • Your Name Tag. Necessary, particularly for recruitment functions.

T H E  S H O E S:
  • Riding Boots. Slims out the legs, looks particularly good with a spirit jersey. At one point in my sorority life I needed boots in black and brown. You could always get a dark, dark brown and fudge it either way ;)
  • Black Flats. Again I've needed these on a handful of occasions, plus you can always use a pair of black flats!
  • Rainbow Sandals. I mean, not necessarily Rainbow, but I'd lose count telling you ever sorority girl (or college girl for that matter) who owns a pair. And I could go on about why I love them despite their seemingly high price. Arch support would fall into number one.

E X T R A S:
  • Paints. For all your crafting. And trust me, it's a lot more than you ever think you'll do.
  • A Michaels or AC Moore. To buy your paint or any of the wood that said paint will design. When in doubt, paint a chevron print. If you find your sorority's symbol in wood form, grab it instantly (i.e. ZTA's five-pointed crown).
  • A Curling Iron or Straightner. You know you're going to either curl or straighten your hair at least once.
  • The Sorority Arm. For when you're on the outside of a group picture, and you don't want to look like you have fat arms. Stick your elbow out, pop your hip, tilt your head to the side. Boom.
  • A Smile. For when you're having fun. For when you're posing for pictures. For when you're irritated but don't want to add negativity. For when you sit back and realize even the moments that made you want to toss your hair bow at someone have transformed into fond memories later in life.

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