The Minimal Wardrobe

I have been incredibly interested in the concept of minimalism these past few months, and I've been reading almost everything I can online about it. It started with being aesthetically attracted to the typical images associated with minimalism-- white walls, clean floors, and, well, a minimal amount of stuff. I then stumbled upon Into Mind, a site dedicated to living a minimal life (it's more of an online book than a blog). She then featured Caroline and her blog Un-Fancy, which I'm obsessed with (talk about a cool concept and a very sweet soul). Eventually through Bloglovin', I stumbled across The Private Life of a Girl, and after reading her blog for hours one afternoon, I discovered her take on a minimal wardrobe. Between these three serving as both inspiration and sources of information, I began to formulate my own approach when it comes to my wardrobe.

While moving to a country where the XL is still typically too small for me has made me kind of follow Caroline's capsule wardrobe concept, I have found myself buying a lot on the occasions I make it out to H&M in Gwangju or Jeonju. And that kind of needs to stop. I have decided to try and follow Sophie's lead with her concept of the Minimal Wardrobe. I just took out my spring clothes from my suitcases, and after a bit of a shopping spree the weekend after returning from vacation at H&M and Uniqlo, I have put myself on a restriction. Including the two non-basic items I brought that weekend, I will only be allowed to buy five items a season. Here are her rules adapted to my life:

R U L E S:
  1. Every season only buy five items. 
  2. My seasons are defined as: March 1st-May 31, June 1-August 31, September 1-November 31, December 1-February 28/29*
  3. Underwear, bras, and socks do not count, but should also not suddenly increase in amount.
  4. Accessories (sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, watches, tights) do not count, but should be purchased sparingly and only for high quality items.
  5. Coats, shoes, and bags count.
  6. Basics, within reason, do not count.
  7. Basics are define as basic shirts or pants in black, white, or tan. 
  8. Second hand items count. 
What do you think? I'm actually a little excited! I spent my teen years with such an interest in fashion and style, filling my room with a shoe corner, all sorts of unnecessary clothes, and magazine clippings, I want to start living a simpler, higher quality life. My wardrobe is the perfect place to start.

U L T I M A T E  G O A L S:

  1. Begin to practice minimalism in my day to day life.
  2. Ultimately save money.
  3. Learn more about ethical and eco-conscious manufacturing
  4. Learn more about what exactly constitutes as "higher quality"
  5. Appreciate my clothes more
  6. Narrow down and define my personal style
  7. Become a more conscious consumer.
Over to you guys! All tips, stories of experience, and links to more resources are more than welcome.

*Yes, this means if I want to buy some things at home, I cannot shop too much during June and July! 

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  1. Gorgeous! I love your blog :)