Kiki's Delivery Service (1989)

You know how a lot of movies from our childhood don't quite wind up being as amazing when we become adults? Well, I re-watched Kiki's Delivery Service (which for whatever reason, I kept calling Kiki's Great Adventure), and I'm happy to say it's just as good as it was when I was seven. Maybe even better because now I can appreciate the artwork that went into the scenery, the people. and the details. Miyazaki brings us into a charming little world that is neither really here nor there, neither in the past or the future. It's just this sweet place where even grocery shopping can seem enchanting. I will say Kiki's abruptness is not something that would fly with anyone I know (like telling your dad you're leaving for your year of training while he's packing for your camping trip!), it doesn't affect the film really. I think it goes without saying, but Miyazaki is quite the genius.

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