{Book Club} The Book Everyone Should Read...

...especially you ladies.

Turning Oppression in Opportunity for Women Worldwide
by Sheryl W. Dunn, Nichalos D. Kristof
Everyone at my college who takes Intro to World Politics is required to read Half the Sky. And just about everyone I have talked to discovers they like it. I read it for the same reason, and I fell in love. It's not just a diatribe about the pitfalls of gender inequality worldwide. It does not just pinpoint one specific issue. It doesn't demonize men, and it is not an annoyingly feminist book by any means. Neither is it a boring or difficult read.

No, this book is the start of an answer. It describes issues women worldwide face--discrimination, maternal health (or lack-thereof), rape, genital mutilation, sexual slavery, and human sex trafficking. The list goes on. It also highlights success stories (and discusses the stories that are not so successful) and portrays these strong women who emerged from their hell to be future leaders. It shows you how women can change the world. It's so ridiculously inspirational, you'll probably at least tear up at one point. I did, and I shed not a single tear watching Up or The Notebook. 

So if you want to figure out a way to get involved, or even just be better educated about women, pick up this book NOW. Seriously, everyone should read it.

By the way, if you really are that lazy about reading or seriously don't have the time, there is a documentary out and about. Grab some popcorn and rent it for an evening!