Cliffs of Dun Aengus

If you're visiting Ireland, you have to go to the Aran Islands. I stayed with my friend, and she insisted we take a trip to Inishmore, one of three islands in the bay of Galway. She told me everything you imagine about Ireland--misty winds, acres of pure greenness, rainbows-- was all there. Sure enough, rainbows were more or less commonplace on this little island, there was green for miles around, and I was more or less some degrees of damp by the time we loaded the ferry to go back to Galway. 

While there, we did the most typical touristy thing and saw Dun Aengus, this fortress from the prehistoric times. It sits at the top of these cliffs, and from there is where I shot this picture on my phone. I can see why Irish literature is so rich....