Easter Festivities

Hi friends! Hope you had a fun Easter weekend, or if you're not Christian, then a fun weekend regardless! Since I'm Catholic, I celebrated Easter the ole fashioned way (not really...). I wound up catching a ride home with one of my friends, and I got to pop back up at home for some much needed R&R after two weeks of hell. I even got work done to the point where, right now, I'm not stressing too much! 

Anyhoo, this is a shot of my siblings and I after church on Sunday and before we got ready to go to my grandma's. I finally got to wear the Shabby Apple "Spanish Steps" dress I won in some blog competition years ago! I'm glad I didn't give it away from lack-of-wearing it because it's seriously a gorgeous dress. It was just definitely too mature for me...until now! And if you're wondering why my siblings and I don't look alike, it's because I was adopted. The worst part? I'm the oldest! And I look the youngest... I'm also the smallest, so I always get shafted with the middle seat...

Oh, and of course, that's my golden retriever pup, Maggie. She's my cuddle buddy when I'm home, and she commandeers my bed when I'm gone!