Can We Talk About Glee?

So I'm sitting here on spring break watching the episodes I haven't seen yet, and... What the hell is going on?!
I'm pretty sure good, ole Ryan Murphy is doing the usual. He's bored of this show, especially with how amazing I hear "American Horror Story" is (I'm too scared to ever actually watch it. I don't do well with horror). So, what does he do? He must tell the writers to do whatever they want to see, and then with a few thinly sarcastic quips, boom. Suddenly Tina is a bitter future cat lady, even though she had the amazingggggggggg Mike Chang to call her own for a long time. And Rachel is Lea Michele after a makeover episode? And Puck is suddenly that creepy college kid? And the splitting between New York and Lima is not working. I get it, the older kids would have been sorely missed, but you need to focus on one or the other. It's too jarring otherwise.

Over all, though, the continuity of this show annoys the living hell out of me. You can't get away with mixing things up and forgetting old stories like you could in the old days. IMDB lets people know ASAP that you did! Are we going to forget that pretty much all the Glee kids have hooked up? One quip from Emma about the incest is not enough, Murph. Not. E. Nough. Also, since when did Blaine go from the dapper private school fellow to the whiny, Kurt-obsessed kid he is now?

Okay, with that said. I'm still way into these musical numbers, especially when classics or Broadway tunes are done. The way Schuster proposed, while totally unrealistic and impossible to do in reality (you can't sing and synchronize swim) is on my replay list on Youtube. And I will say when Glee is good, it is good. Rachel choking last season actually made me cry, even though all the episodes leading up to it were making me bored to tears.

Thoughts? I know most of my friends have long since jumped off this ship. For some reason I keep watching. I think it's like that whole train crashing analogy...