A Timeline of Sorts

While I'm still organizing my thoughts on this blog and attempting to make it a little more cohesive as well as consistent, I thought I would share some of my history as a blogger with you all. Since, you know, I started blogging when all the cool kids did and now I'm back to square one and they're all big and famous! (Helloooo, one time, Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere commented on one of my posts. And this was before that was an OMG moment). Long before Tumblr became a thing, when Twitter was an infant, Facebook didn't have pages, and Pinterest didn't even exist, I was blogging away. Let me bring you back to the beginning, circa 2007 when I was fifteen and wanted to gorge on fashion magazines. (Also, please note, I am excluding the whole Xanga phase in middle school!)


I had been reading the now defunct, "I am Fashion" which had been blogging since 2004. Harrods Girl and Barneys Girl were the coolest chicks ever, and I consumed everything they wrote eagerly and impatiently. I then decided that I was competent enough to start my own blog and opened an account on blogspot. I don't remember the URL of said blog, but I know the title was "In Order to Be Irreplaceable" because Coco Chanel is a genius and at the time that was my favorite quote ever. It was a very sad attempt and lasted two posts before I promptly forgot all about it and moved on with life. Meanwhile I was discovering blogs, via I Am Fashion's blogroll, and stumbling across numerous sites. I definitely remember seeing Fashion Toast's blog at one point. 

Of course I went and found it to screenshot it!
Here is where I started blogging forreal. I started Modern Dreamer with a post entitled "Inspirations" because I "hated introductions." I posted pictures of Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, and Rachel Bilson as my inspirations, and I have to say those three are still up there. For the time I had Modern Dreamer, I was obsessed with trying to make my blog big and important. I was insanely secretive about it--after all, who was going to understand a fifteen-year-old blogging? I wanted so badly to model what I thought was high fashion, and I wanted so badly to sound posh and cool in my writing. I experimented a LOT. At the time, since MD was so private, I could occasionally have rants and pose pictures of myself that I wouldn't dare show friends in real life (like me trying to pose... Look at the posts, it's AWFUL). I was commenting on other's blogs like crazy to receive them, and I was heavily into fashion but also going through major growing pains. After all, they kept calling girls like Fashion Toast and a Sea of Shoes "real girls" compared to models, and I was like, "But I'm 5'3" and 140 pounds on a good day. I can't model clothes!" Eventually I started another blog where I could ramble more because I had figured with MD that I had to be concise with my words and generous with my pictures whether they be my crappy little digital camera or borrowed off of We Heart It. Inner & Outer Beauty was actually pretty successful and it's probably my favorite blog. I wish I had kept it updated more. Both blogs got to a point where I got a deal to do a giveaway for Perricone MD. By then I was creatively tired of it and a little rundown from trying to be a comment machine. Cue...


This year found two new attempts at blogging. I still hadn't figured out my voice yet--did I want to be a romantic, descriptive writer, a snarky writer, or a minimal writer and heavy picture-shower? What did I want from blogging? By now blogging was becoming a thing, and I was getting ready to graduate and enter college. I closed down both Modern Dreamer and Inner & Outer Beauty and opened up The Shoe Corner in tribute to my then giant shoe addiction. I bought cheap shoes like a druggie buys pot in the park. I would go to Marshall's or DSW and scan the isles for cool looking shoes. My favorite was when I found an imitation pair of those studded Balmain stilletos in DSW. They hurt like hell and are by now a little outdated (though I'd wear them in a heartbeat anyway), but I loved them dearly. I still have a lot of the shoes I purchased, and though they are now stored away, they once had a corner of my room. I think I deleted, deleted that blog, so it's no longer even able to be seen. Which is good, because it was a pretty asinine blog. It was also my attempt to be a pro-blogger, and let's face it, that was BORING.

Somewhere after entering college, I got bored of The Shoe Corner and started Glitter & Lace. I managed to actually keep that blog for a while before the mishaps with my protest on SOPA. It got counted as spam and was suspended, and I had to go through this process to get it back. With G&L I started trying to combine it with my friends, Allison and Shannon, and it was an attempt to be a real blogger that eventually fizzled with the spam stuff.


So I forget when, but I started "The Spanglish Major," which is also permanently deleted now. I think I was trying to be "The College Prepster" and failing at it. I eventually gave up because I was so bored with it and I didn't really think about why I was blogging anymore. While abroad, I started And There She Goes Again on tumblr. I hated worrying about comments and whatnot, so tumblr was the perfect way of avoiding that path. I also flirted with "The Future Cat Lady Diaries," which I still have a soft spot for. It's a veryyyyy snarky blog, a little much so. And this brings us to:


And this blog!! I like to think that after playing the switching game for years and finally just simply choosing my NAME, I'm settled down for good. I still have my travel blog, but it's very sporadic as my travels are spread out. Hope you all enjoyed that blast from the past. If anything it's letting me walk down the nostalgic path. After all, these blogs are my "diaries" of my high school times!