[Sorority Stuff] Formal Time!!!

I know, I know! I must be boring you with all my sorority-related posts. I promise it will calm down a bit once summer comes. April/May are the months besides recruitment that are soror-crazy!

Anyhow, last night we had our formal. It was at this little theatre in town, and, as always, a blast, if not a teensy bit too short for me. The thing about sorority formals is they're a lot of fun. You're with sisters, so you're immediately a lot more comfortable than with the whole school and their judging eyes (though nothing compares to the anonymity of discotecas in a foreign country!), and they're choosing the music, so it's definitely better than the too-much-rap-crap played at regular dances.

And, of course, it's a prime opportunity for picture taking!
My wonderful City Family!
Obviously, a sorority arm is necessary.
My dress is actually one of the first pieces Lauren Conrad made for her collection for Kohls way back in the day, purchased from Ebay! And my shoes are Ann Taylor (but the faux-leather one!).