Tips to Survive Finals Week

Okay, so I know some lucky college students are already done and over with it, some seniors even graduated, but finals week is young here at my college. Everyone goes a little insane: wearing the same yoga pants a few days in a row is acceptable, the library is the hottest place on campus, and there may or  may not be an emotional breakdown or two. I personally have four papers due by the end of the week and a cumulative ecology exam on Wednesday. Not to mention I have a few more internship applications to complete... I'm ready to burn all my books, curl up in my bed, and call it a day.
But, obviously, life must go on, and even though my dreams of becoming a bohemian writer (or I guess they're calling it hipster these days) is still there, I must complete college with good grades. As an Asian (even an adopted one), A's are acceptable, B's are Bad, and anything below that is just failing. So, even though I will never have as hellish a finals week as science majors, here are my tips to surviving this awful, awful week:

1. Work out! If you already have a regular schedule, stick to it no matter what. If you don't, START. It doesn't have to be long--thirty minutes on the elliptical and a 15 minute shower and back to studying.  Just make sure you're breaking a sweat. It seriously helps with concentration and relieving stress--I promise that's not just a thing to say.

2. EAT Healthily-- Try and make sure your DH meals are filled with veggie goodness. I'm not kidding when I say healthy people have more energy.

3. Don't forget to indulge a little though. Come on, if there's one week that calls for a little extra serving of ice cream or one more cookie, this week is it. Don't go overboard, but don't feel bad about a little extra sugar.

4. GET SLEEP. For the love of all that is holy, cramming in two semesters worth of notes in a night isn't going to be effective in the least bit.

5. Make To-Do Lists. At the beginning of each day, make a to-do list of what you must do. Today, for example, I wrote on my whiteboard:
  • Finish at least half of my Spanish paper
  • Write out Guide for Ecology Exam
  • Finish Intern Applications
  • Start on Business paper
  • Work on bibliography for Spanish paper
6. Keep organized: Even taking time to clean up all your folders and throw out anything unnecessary works. I also like to try and clean my room (though right now it's a mess). A cluttered room=a cluttered mind.

7. Get rid of your social media sites! I made my big change the password to my Facebook so I wouldn't go on it until after this week is over. As much as I want to look at pictures from formal and whatnot, I must resist the urge. I should probably do the same for others...

8. Dress comfortably. But try to not look like a total slob. I always feel a little more energetic when I at least look somewhat nice--even if it's for a day in the library. Everyone has comfortable clothes that aren't jeans. Maybe if you're in yoga pants, wear cute top or something to balance it. Just make sure you're not trying to focus too much on your outfit--use that brain for more important things this week!

That's all I have got for now. Anyone else have any interesting tips? Good luck to all, and may the odds be ever in your favor!