An Obsession with "True Blood"

Guys, I'm obsessed with "True Blood." It's a guilty pleasure, but I'm not one to feel guilt over much, so for me it's just a joyful obsession. I started somewhere in the beginning of June, and I'm at a point where I have to wait for the new season 6 episodes to come out. Yeah, that's a lot of binge watching, and if they ever come out with that as an addiction, I'm going to need to go to Binge Watching Anonymous and complete a 12-step plan. Obviously, this show as all the necessary addictive qualities: "forbidden" topic (vampires), hot men and women (who are also naked...a lot), a variety of love interests and triangles, and drama-on-drama-on-drama. Not to mention every episode pretty much ends on a cliff hanger, and you feel like you're watching an incredibly long movie that's divvied up into episodes and seasons. 

Basic Plot Line: Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress in the very small town, Bon Temps, Lousiana. Vampires have been out in the public for about two years with the creation of synthetic human blood, called True Blood. Sookie meets her first vampire, Bill Compton (turned during the Civil War) in the bar she works at, Merlotte's, and all of Bon Temps changes. Throughout the seasons, there's a serial killer, a maenad, more vampires both good and bad, old and young, the Vampire Authority, a vampire god(dess), vampire kings and queens, and much more.

I will say you grow wishy-washy on most of the characters, and I found myself a tad impatient with some of the side stories (Like who really cares about the meth-tiger plotline that just ended? Or the fire demon thing from Terry's war days? So far both seem fairly pointless), but over all, I love it.

You need to watch this show. It's the best thing to watch while plowing away those miles on an elliptical or treadmill. You also might not want to be faint of heart, because even the tenderest moments involve a lot of blood. Not to mention the killings, bloodbaths, "ghosts," and more. It's totally addictive though, and, at least for me, more relevant considering it's a show about vampires made for adults. 

By the way, I won't comment on the books because I haven't and don't plan on reading them. They sound on par with Fifty Shades and Twilight, and I have no interest treading down that path again.

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