Weekend at OCMD

Also I literally have no bum.
This past weekend I had a mini vacation down in Ocean City, Maryland to visit one of my friends that I met while studying in Spain. We live in the same state and we haven't been able to see each other until now! Let's just say I soaked up a few too many rays (peeling skin is the worst), slept for most of the day in the sand, and caught up with her over everything we missed out in each other's lives this past semester. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who suffered serious coming home depression! We talked about what we wanted to do in the future too (ahem--be abroad!), and reminisced about the things we did in Madrid and Europe.
I also FINALLY got some crabs. I know, right? I've been a mostly-Maryland resident for the past three years, and I'm just now trying them? We got the all-you-can-eat special at Higgins, and gorged out crabs and corn. Let me just say, and I feel this way about oysters too, that for as much effort and cost that crabs entail, you do not get much meat in return. I need to try some soft shell crabs next.

Over all, it was a nice break between projects. My research with the C.V. Starr Center is more or less over, and now I'm off to do some interning and working at towns nearby. I think I need to do this more often not only this summer but into the school year as well. Take breaks and leave behind the stress of social and work life. The past two years were a study in not being able to balance myself, and I want to get it somewhat right before my life gets too crazy and my twenties take over.

Samantha Elisabeth

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