Okay, so before I came up with Fitspiration with women because these were bodies I admired and wished myself to have (with reason, of course!). Now this time it's reverse. Men I think about while working out because they're hot and you know all that girl stuff that goes on up in our heads. I mean, if I'm going to work my ass off to try and achieve a hot bod and live a healthy lifestyle, I want my potential future husbands to be the same (even if said potential is a pipe dream). So for this addition, here are five men I think about while working out in the sense that I want to be in a bikini next to them on the beach someday.

1. Nathan Adrian
He's an Olympic swimmer from Washington/California, and I'm convinced he's the love of my life. Based on his twitter and interviews, of course. He's also 1/2 Chinese and over six foot, so I feel like it's destiny, really. Besides the fact that he's completely adorable, he's that kind of hot that makes you wanna drop profanities like some trashy chick from the south (I've been watching way to much "True Blood"!).  

2. T.O.P.

There's a number of Asian men on my list of cute, but T.O.P. (Choi SeungHyun) is hot. Like watch Big Bang videos or his personal videos/shoots, and you'll drool. Dude can pull of blue hair and still be gorgeous. I tried to find good pictures of him with his abs showing, but, I just liked this one better.

3. The Guys from "True Blood"

Like I said, "True Blood" is on the brain. These guys are in shirts here (and it's only three of the bunch on TB), but that's to convince you to watch the show. All of them are super hot. I don't know why I hold a candle for Stephen Moyer (he could be my dad!), but he's pretty hot for an older guy. And c'mon, Alexander Skarsgard! I also learned that Ryan Kwanten is actually Australian, which makes him even hotter than his Louisiana counterpart. And the level of male shirtlessness in this show is rivaled by maybe the amount of blood each person bleeds or drinks per episode.

4. Henry Cavill
Okay, so I totally had a crush on Henry Cavill initially because he played Charles Brandon in "The Tudors," and the story of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor is one of my favorites of all times. But the guy is also so hot I want to stare at this picture all day. And he's British. I mean, let's be real. Genetically speaking, I feel he's totally blessed. Plus have you ever seen I Capture the Castle? Yeah. Yeah.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio
You all know how I already feel about Leo. I watched this crappy show one time where the girl was talking about how she would always think of Jack Nicholson as hot no matter how old or fat he got. That's how I feel about Leo. He will be beautiful and gorgeous even if he gains 100 pounds. Gosh, I love him.

Who's on your Menspiration list?

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