[Style Files] Caroline's Mode

Back in the day, I was obsessed with lookbook.nu. Chictopia was cute, but Lookbook was just so cool. It's where the grungier style was more popular, and the people were more model than blogger. You made it on Lookbook, you were legit in my teenaged eyes. My favorite person by far was Caroline from Caroline's Mode. If you can't tell from my post of SNSD's Jessica--I like looks that are simple and seem comfortable. Everything Caroline wears has a few elements, some well place accessories, and a whole lot of style.
I love her take on floral and printed bottoms above. It's all about keeping everything else simple and to streamline the boldness of the bottoms so they mesh organically with their partners. You could easily recreate these looks as well: A tailored floral bottom, a solid color, comfortable shirt, and simple shoes. Muss the hair a little and viola
These are some of the more summery looks that I love. Girl can wear a pair of shorts and make them look chic. I like how the first picture has baggier shorts and the third one is the classic leather shorts. Both look equally stylish and streamlined. And, of course, my favorite is in the center!
And here are a few to think about for the fall. I love the end look in neon. The first look is pretty classic: leather jacket, skinnies, comfortable shirt, ankle boots. I think fur (the faux kind for me!) always elevates the look, and I've been wanting to get my hands on a vest since probably mid-high school.

Who's in your style files?

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