Me and my little sister--don't we look alike?
This past week my little sister graduated from high school! I can't believe it's been three years since it was me walking across that stage, and saying goodbye to that chapter in my life. Since that day I've been to two different continents, met so many more people,  done so many more things than I even imagined when I was tossing my cap up in the air. And now it's my baby sister! While I wasn't able to go to her actual graduation, I came home for her party, and of course we snapped a few pictures. Can you believe I'm the one who's three years older?
This was me. THREE years ago. WHAT?
And now I'm facing graduation from college. This time next year, I'll be saying goodbye to Washington, and I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for that. The strangest part about time passing is seeing the people that have come and gone from your life in just that short period of time. Also realizing how idiotic you sounded on social media forums when you were seventeen. Guys, I used and abused the word "totes."

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