[In the Mix]: Summer Songs of 2013

Popular Song | MIKA ft. Ariana Grande 
Guys, when's the last time you heard a song that sampled a song from Broadway? AND it's done by MIKA. 'Nough said. 
22 | Taylor Swift 
Judge me all you want. I love this song, and I want to dance around like a hipster. I've been waiting since 2008 for Taylor Swift to adopt this look! 
Hey Na Na | Katie Herzig
Kate Spade used this song in one of their collection videos this past year, and I fell in love with the song. It's pure fun.
Daylight | Matt and Kim  Do I even need to explain this one? 
I Want Crazy | Hunter HayesI usually have little tolerance for most of country, even though I respect the genre and like the singers more than other genres, but my tolerance grows when the summer months are near. And this song is so good. Plus Hunter Hayes is adorable. However, girls, this does not give you the right to be crazy mean! 
Carried Away | Passion PitIt's just bouncy and upbeat and catchy. Perfect for blasting out your window while driving to the beach! 
Love & Girls |소녀시대 This one is Japanese, and it's so fun. Just look at the video. Soshi breaks the SMEnt box and goes the streets!
Kiss You | One DirectionSay what you want about One Direction, I love their songs. I can enjoy company fabricated music as much as I respect indie singer-songwriters.  
Loving You | SistarThis came out last year and the MV takes place in Hawaii. It seriously has a pure summery feel. 
Kiss the Stars | Pixie LottI just think this is a great song that everyone should hear! I love Pixie Lott. 
Wild at Heart | GlorianaThis is one of those songs I identified as my summer song when it came out. I'll never forget seeing them open up for Taylor Swift in 2009--it was amazing
Echo | 소녀시대SNSD's my favorite group, sue me for putting them on twice! This one's in Korean, and the MV was filmed in Phuket. It's a very sweet, girly song.

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