[Sorority Stuff] Clue Week

Before I talk about Big/Little Reveal, I want to go way back in time to talk about my experience with Clue Week! In a nutshell, it's the week leading up to the reveal (ours is from Monday to Friday), and you slowly let your little know who you are.

Some bigs like to lie to their littles and flat out make things up or use other people's history. It's a bit of paranoia and a bit of excitement and nervousness when you're a little because about ten thousand "what-ifs" swirl around in your head. I kind of knew who my big was at the time, but I was also wary of being totally tricked because I wouldn't put it past half the people who were on my list! I do know, however, that I wanted her after we hung out at Birthday Ball together, and I was super relieved/excited when I found out it was her.

This year, however, was my turn to make the clues! Now before I delve into that, I want to talk a bit about the whole getting a little process. Guys, it's nerve-wracking--especially for people who are naturally socially awkward! The biggest fright is, "What if I don't get a little?" You don't want to spend the weekend buying things for clue week and reveal to find out you're not going to get one, right? You have to sort of wait and then buy all your clues last minute!

I followed my big's clues a little bit, but Pinterest created a monster in me, so I also got a leeetttleee carried away. My first clue (above) was a Bunny Basket because that's the unofficial animal friend of my sorority. I found this adorable poster and recreated it. I also made the basket turquoisey-blue because (again) sorority colors, but I also made a lot if pink because that's my favorite color (and one of hers as it turns out!). I filled it with fun things related to bunnies like ears and chocolate. Here I also asked her what her favorite things were as well as her schedule so I could plan accordingly.
My next few clues consisted of presents and posters like the ones above. My clues were pretty ambiguous, and I managed to do some pretty tricky things (like leaving her clue at the exact spot where she sits at in lab--courtesy of one of my friends in her lab!). They were clues, but they were also little presents. Like the above posters were of my favorite cities because I'm part of the City family, plus I love traveling. I strayed away from giveaways like K-pop and cat-crazy things!

Because I like lists, here's a list of what I did (from memory...)
  • Monday: Bunny Basket
  • Tuesday: Keep Calm, Little/Florence (Candle and Tea)
  • Wednesday: Dream Big, Little One/Paris (Pretty box with a book and a notebook in it)
  • Thursday: Something with London/Candy
  • Friday: REVEAL! (More on that later)
I know other sororities have a longer time period and more extravagant gifts. What's yours like?


  1. I've never been in a sorority myself, but this sounds like so much fun! :)

  2. So fun, darling!
    The bunny basket is adorable!


  3. I was only in a sorority for a year because I ended up leaving that school... but I remember how exciting that week was, not knowing and finding little gifts where you least expected them!

  4. sounds like fun! we didnt do stuff like this at my university

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion