Female Fitspiration

I think my favorite part about reading fitness blogs/books/etc is the cheesy yet fun spin on words they use. Like TIU uses "Booty Call" for your "Wake-Up Call" and, of course, Blogilate's name in and of itself! I just think it's fun, so I titled this post my Fitspiration because this is, as you may have guessed, a post based on famous-ish ladies who inspire me to be healthier and more fit.

1. Anna Paquin
I'm going to eventually write up a post about my newest TV obsession (like I really need more), "True Blood." One of the reasons why I think I like it so much is that I'm a) not a teenager anymore so the appeal of Twilight and Vampire Diaries are just not there for me and b) this show is like the ultimate work out inspiration. I put this on via HBOGo while I'm on the elliptical and the sight of Anna's figure in all her cute clothes/sex scenes/etc makes me look at my own figure and think, "Let's go a little faster..." Also (and this shall be a later post) the men on TB are all sorts of drool worthy, so that's added incentive! I really like these Self pictures, taken a little while ago by now, because they're how I picture myself in a bikini eventually...

2. The TIU Girls

Love. Love. Love. Love. LOVE them. I've been following them off and on for a few years now, knowing that if I just stuck strictly to their plan, I'd achieve what I want in my body and energy levels. Now that I'm getting older, have my own kitchen, and am no longer swimming two-three hours a day, I'm realizing the extent I need to rely on myself to get my body in the healthy state I want it to be. These girls are great, and if you follow the TIU lifestyle, you'll see results. However, I understand eating habits die hard, so it's good to start with their work outs and workout plans. My butt is still sore from their recent booty workout!

3. Olympic Swimmers

As a swimmer-swammer, of course I've grown up with the images of Olympic swimmers in my view. Natalie Coughlin is probably my main girl because she's on the shorter side (pictured in pink), and look at dem abs.

4. Reese Witherspoon

Say what you will about Reese-y now with her saddening/weird arrest, but we all know the world's jaw dropped a little when she made her post-Ryan Phillipe debut in this canary yellow dress. She went from America's sweetheart to straight up hot. I think she really took to exercise and living healthier post-break-up, and this version of RW will always be in my back pocket of fitspiration. Now if only her and Ryan had a chance of getting back together. Cruel Intentions will never be quite the same.

5. Carrie Underwood
Remember when Carrie was that slightly pudgy but not overly so chick that won "American Idol" back when AI was legit? Yeah, she got Hollywood-ified somehow and now she looks great. Her weight loss is always an inspiration to me because, again, she lost weight and she's around my height.

Who are your fitspirations?