[Tips & Tricks] 5 Apps You Need in Your Life

I have a lot of apps on my iPhone (let's be honest, Apple is taking over the world in that area!). I try to stray away from having too many games because it's way too easy to get caught up in playing them (Clash of Clans, anyone?), and you might complain about my generation's addiction to their cells, but there are a lot of apps that I find extremely helpful in day to day use. And I'm not just talking about Instagram, Twitter, etc apps either! These are just functional ones that I like and are free (because we all know I like my free stuff).

Google Chrome is my internet browser of choice, and all the new things they've add over the past few years have only made me more Google-dependent. I like Chrome because you can now sign on to it anywhere and essentially have the browser you have on your home computer. Meaning if you leave up a page on your laptop, you can access it immediately on your phone app. I hide my Safari app now and have Chrome as my internet browser.

2. Viber
With Viber you can call and text for free using internet connections. Aka as long as you can connect (via 3G or Wi-Fi), you can call you friend over in London for free. I had What's App while I was abroad, but it was hard because it a) costs money, so not a lot of my friends would get it and b) you can only text with it. I have Viber now, and I know I can keep in touch with my graduated and foreign friends who are out and about in the world! Also the customized background option is pretty neat.

Okay, even though I barely run, this app is great for me. It uses GPS to track you on your runs, and what I like is that it updates you every five minutes on how far you've gone and your average pace. You can also put things in manually, like an elliptical workout or whatnot. It also gives you calories burned based on the weight you enter in in the beginning.

4. Light
It works as a flashlight! For me it's great when I'm in bed, and I can use it to read. I'm a lazy person, so once I'm in bed, I have zero desire to get back out in order to turn off my light. Also it's good for, I guess, getting lost in sewers and other dangerous activities in the dark!

5. Royal Farms/McDonalds/Coupon-esque Apps
People. Free. Things. RoFo offers a free coffee as soon as you add the app. I don't know about Micky D's because I'm trying to stay away, but any chains like this that offer apps, get 'em! Free/discounted stuff is great.

What are you must-have apps?

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