Sweet, Sweet Wi-Fi

Just a quick little update, friends. I finally (for the time being at least!) have wi-fi in my apartment! Some interesting posts I've been meaning to put here for a while, but haven't been able to! I've been working during my school's library hours and sleeping at absurdly early hours for someone my age. In the mean time a few notes from today, which is a truly interesting day for the history books:

--Zimmerman was found NOT guilty. I haven't been as connected to social media without wi-fi (I really hate checking and doing things on my phone), so I haven't been following this case closely at all. I want to comb through my own research and decide for myself how I feel about this. I have good friends and people who's educated opinions I respect on both sides of the argument, so as of right now I'm a sponge.

--Cory Monteith has DIED. For as much grief as I give "Glee," I'm still 100% up to date with it. And I've always been a fan of the guy, and I loved the idea that he spent a lot of time working jobs like bus driver, Walmart greeter, etc before he hit it big. I don't know. I know it's unbelievably silly to get so upset over someone I barely knew, but it's still sad. And I'm unreasonably saddened by the news, especially when Lea Michele literally tweeted season 5 cast photos, and he's there smiling widely towering over everyone.

--People are truly interesting individuals. And I mean that in both good and terrible ways. Work a job that has you interacting with all sorts of people daily, and you'll find fodder for all sorts of writing.

More to come! Like a special guest post from my friend, Hilary, over at Purple Flowers...!

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