So this past weekend I went straight back to my home in the suburbs of PA from work to attend my youngest cousin's wedding (and my first wedding ever!). It was an absolute blast, and it was fun to see all my family again (cousins, extended, and beyond). I attempted at live instagramming the event, so here's some of the pictures from that!
After we got to the church, there was some mandatory picture taking in the very hot sun area. The first picture is my sister and I (I can't believe she's younger than me!) and the second is of the trolley my cousin used to have the bridal party arrive. 
Here they are! It was a Catholic mass, so there was that typical set-up with the marriage ceremony in between. I did the second reading from a letter to the Romans.
Then it was off to the reception! They're seriously the prettiest couple!
They introduced the bridal party in a fun sort of way. My cousin, Michelle, and her groomsman came dwon with those beer hats, and my brother and his bridesmaid came down with the hilariously adorable flower girl dancing.
My older cousin, Michael, gave the best man speech. He also used more notecards than I ever have for a single test! It was hilarious and also quite clever. (P.S. He's next in September!)

Then there was all the typical reception fun (bouquet tossing--which included Michelle flat out refusing to catch it--, garter tossing, and a lot of pictures). I snapped a quick picture with my cousin and my new cousin-in-law, and of course, I had to get their rings! It's seriously surreal that my formerly frosted tip cousin who used to open fart with too much butter and almost threw up on me when we got stuck sleeping in the tent during a childhood camping trip is now married.
Bonus Shot: My cousin as the bride walked down the aisle!

Weddings are great, and I loved every minute of it (even if the church was a little warm). The dancing at the reception was a blast and the food was awesome. I can't wait to attend more weddings in the future!

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  1. family weddings are always fun. the last family wedding my dad got a tiny bit drunk was was dancing to 50 cent. it was weird. and hilarious at the same time.