Back to the Grind

Back to School Bag
Guys it's been a little crazy lately... I went home for a small period of time, in which I slept/attended miscellaneous family functions/finally attended to various personal needs (i.e. hair cut, dentist appointment, glasses, etc). I then returned for some seriously exhausting, but fun Peer Mentor training and then the freshmen orientation (I'm like the girl who handed out rape whistles in Pitch Perfect minus the annoying-ness.) Not to mention turning-21-shenanigans!

Now it's back to the school-work-extracurricular grind. The first week is over, and this is what my days consist of (besides driving 1/2 hour away to go to work): lugging my tote around and filling it with the above. I have a newfound love for iced coffee (caramel), and I am unapologetic. I still drink tea like an Englishman, though apparently my Lipton and Tetley preferences are in poor taste.

Hope everyone is having fun getting back into the groove of things!