THE 90's Teen Movies

Guys, I love cheesy teen movies. Particularly those between around 1995 to 2003. The high hopes I had before entering high school were endless. I was convinced I'd be that pretty girl hidden behind nerdiness and some guy looking like Heath Ledger or Freddie Prinze Jr. was going to fall for how smart and witty I was and then I'd turn into some Hottie McHottie. Prom? I'd be hotter than the hottest girl at school. Senior year? I'd get myself into an Ivy with the hottest boy on my arm. He would also be like Chad Michael Murray in A Cinderella Story. We'd quote Tennyson to each other, and he'd even like my cat. It was perfect

Anyhow, school didn't turn out that way at all. I became more like Julia Stiles from 10 Things minus the skeevy ex trying to hit on my baby sister and no Heath Ledger to come sweep me off my cynical feet. And there was definitely no major transformation, though I do think I looked pretty damn good at my junior prom and winded up at a pretty awesome school. However, this does not stop me from straight-up loving a rewatching my favorite teen movies, so here's my throwbacks to the nineties/beginning of the new millennium. 

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
This movie is classic. The quotes, the one liners, the absolute greatness of every single cast member. Julia Stiles and Gabrielle Union in their prime. Heath Ledger before he became giant. Joseph Gordon Levitt in the role we all remembered from him until 500 Days. Even douche bag Joey Donner was awesome. I have not met a single person who does not like this movie, guy or girl, hipster or jock, douchebag or nerd. It's timeless, and it's quotes are endless. Plus, it's based off of a Shakespeare play. Gold. Pure. Gold. When Bianca has her moment at the end and the credits roll with "I Want You to Want Me"-- I can't even.  

Clueless (1995)

Guys, since when has Paul Rudd been a truly successful romantic lead? He's been okay, but nothing compares to his near heartthrobness in Clueless. I also really think he hasn't aged much in the nearly twenty years since its release. Neither has Alicia Silverstone or Stacey Dash for that matter... Anyhow, this movie didn't fall across my lap until I got older, and it's been true love ever since. It's based off of Jane Austen's Emma, popularized the term "Whatever," and gave us insight into the rich world of mid-nineties Beverly Hills. Who could forget Cher's timeless advice? Or clever comparisons? Or her terrible gaydar? Or Brittany Murphy's makeover? Cher had the confidence we all could have used a dose off in our mid-teen years, not to mention the fantastic hair and nifty wardrobe creator.
She's All That (1999)

Rachel Leigh Cook... Who didn't want to be her in this movie when Freddie Prinze Jr.'s little sister, Anna Paquin, takes her from nerd cute to bombshell hot? And she get's the guy in the end? I just watched this recently on Netflix, and I remembered how much I loved it. "Real World" was brought in to the mix--is that show still on anymore? The importance that was placed on prom court (ours was so lame!). The all around Mr. Perfect in Freddie's portrayal. Seriously, though, I'm so happy he and Sarah Michelle are one of the lasting Hollywood couples.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

Speaking of Sarah, this brings me to my favorite movie on the list by far (Or really, a tie with Clueless and 10 Things. Why aren't we doing updated teen versions of classics anymore? It's like a sure fire success formula!). There are no words for how incredible this movie is. The characters, the actors (seriously, this was an all star cast!), the plot, the chemistry. We all know Reese and Ryan (RIP to that marriage) were young and in love and married during this, and it was beautiful. That scene, you know the one I mean (or ones), had me melting. Especially with "Colorblind" playing. Chills. And Sarah Michelle Gellar was at her best (except maybe Buffy). Heck, even Tara Reid in the beginning was awesome! And Ryan Phillipe. He oozed off the screen. Just everything he said and did... Why was there no Sebastian in my high school? 
Drive Me Crazy (1999)
If you didn't like Melissa Joan Hart in the nineties and early 2000's, we're never allowed to be friends. From "Clarissa" to "Sabrina" to this movie, she was one the prime sweethearts of her generation. She starred in Britney's music video of the same name, she had a black cat that could talk, a cute best-neighbor-guy-friend who could climb into her window... She was my friend, your friend, all our friend. And this movie introduced me (and I think most people) to Adrian Grenier, who brings that grungy hot thing to its best. That mop of black hair? Prince Charming in the rust. I remember loving this movie, wishing I had a guy like him, wanting to sunbathe with my friends while floating connected in a lake, and having a prom as bangin' as theirs.

My Date with the President's Daughter (1998)
I'm starting to realize now how may blondes played leading roles in all these movies I idolized. No wonder I had a white girl complex at age seven.... Anyhow, this movie, also slightly lesser known, starred my main guy, Will Friedle, but really I called him Eric Matthews. In his glorious long hair days, he got to date the President's daughter and try and keep tabs on her while she does what all President daughters do in movies--lets her hair fly free and get into all sorts of trouble. Who remembers the slightly slutty but definitely awesome pink dress? And of course, if I'm remembering correctly, the sweet kiss in the early hours of the morning by the Washington Monument? The stuff dreams are made on.

Wish Upon a Star (1996)
Guys, this was Katherine Heigl before she became Katherine Heigl. There are no blonde highlights here, but there's a lot of skin, nineties risque fashion, and, on looking back at their antics, cringeworthy pranks in school. Popping gum and swallowing it obnoxiously? Check. Chillin' with your hot boyfriend in your parents' hot tub? Check. Hickies? Check. Mean girls? Check. Jealous sisters somehow switching bodies and realizing that they love each other? Check and check. Oh, and, of course, that prom scene! Loved this movie, and I was convinced I'd dress like Katherine Heigl when I got to high school. Little did I know...

Never Been Kissed (1999)
Why didn't I have a themed prom? I could have dressed in any costume I wanted! I could have fallen in love with my hot English teacher! (Oh wait... my teachers were old.) Oh Josie, while I was perfectly fine being a nerd in high school (something like a nerd/bitch/loner/athlete combination), and I have no desire to return under cover, you fulfilled what many a uncool kid probably wished for during their four years. You went back and used your wisdom to get ahead. Sure it backfired, but you did get to kiss that hot teacher on the baseball field at the end. I was extremely worried for years that my first kiss wouldn't come until I got to Josie's age, even if it could be that romantic. That worry took me into college, believe it or not.

Can't Hardly Wait (1998)
I've never watched I Know What You Did Last Summer. I have a thing about scary movies. I hate them. A lot. They freak me out, keep me up at night, make me scream out loud...Did I mention I'm almost 21? This movie was my introduction to Jennifer Love Hewitt and my love of her perfect hair. Who doesn't want to make an entrance like Amanda does? And the kiss and the letter and...do people besides hipsters write letters anymore?! Oh, and Seth Green is in this, guys. Seth. Green.

Am I missing any?


  1. What a flash back.. some of my one time fav movies.. will never forget the poem Julia's character writes for Heath's..