[Style Files] Freshen Up for Fall

Fall is probably my favorite time of the year. I hate sweating and I'm always hot, so summer is a little ehhh in my book. Spring brings on an onslaught of horrible allergies, exacerbated by the warming temperatures, and winter is for the cold, dead-inside people of the world*. But fall, beautiful, colorful autumn. That's my true favorite. Crisper air, not so much sweat, still warm enough to not be engulfed in fifty layers... I love it. And I totally endorse typical fall fashion (I made an essentials board last year): ivory cable knit, good brown boots, grandpa sweaters...But for me, it's already in my wardrobe. Greens, browns, tans--already got 'em. So this post isn't so much about what reminds you already of fall, but it's more of some trends that you can get into to freshen up your fall wardrobe.
In for Autumn

  • Gray. Gray. Gray. Instead of the typical ivory cable knit, go for a gray one. Pair it with black pants, black boots, brown--anything. Also, if you want to get a new pair of jeans, don't go for blue, go for a gray wash. It's a new touch to the basic blue jean.
  • Pointy. I love a good round toe pump any day of the week, and you should definitely already have a pair in you closet. Pointy (Pointed?) toe pumps are a fantastic addition for a fall wardrobe (for some they're essential already). I think colored ones border the trashy line (think neon pink, bright yellow, etc), but I do think a classic black pair are beautiful. And for a fresh twist, don't make them leather or patent leather but suede.
  • Color. Block. But not in the ways you're thinking of. I'm thinking darker colors--black and white, black and blue, black and yellow (a lot of black). Think structure. Geometric. 
  • Something Royal. And by royal, I mean royal blue. It's such a bold color--whether you do it in a dress, shoes, etc, keep it, again, structured. I love the idea of a royal blue clutch or handbag. 
  • Leather Details. Think leather shoulders, leather design on the sides of a cotton tee, leather touches... I love the mixture of textures. 
What's on your fall list?

*Jusstttt kidding

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