Life Lately

I've been busy, guys! While life has balanced out in the senses of why I'm busy, the fact remains that I'm a terrible blogger. However, I aim to improve my absence with tidbits of life lately. Because I know you all secretly want to live my fabulous life. But also, regularly scheduled program shall resume soon. Who knows? I do know it's taken me three days to finally sit down and write this post, and it's occurring at 1:42 in the morning (which also means it's THROWBACK THURSDAY time!).

Life Lately According to Pictures:
My other cousin got married!
Spending time dressing up with sisters :)
Peer Mentors at Echo Hill (best. place. ever.)
Celebrating my big's 22nd birthday!

Watching this adorable piece of kittenry!
General bar shenanigans.
Spending massive amounts of time by the beautiful river.
Also spending a heavy amount of time at my favorite job!

Life Lately According to Words:
  • General thesising!
  • Fantastic English classes :) 
  • Buying clothes on clothes on clothes. #retailprobs
  • Trying to get back into exercise
  • Obsessing over "American Horror Story"
  • Listening to Christmas music without shame or guilt.
  • I got a grant to work on one of the publications in which I'm an editor! Be prepared for some truly geeky English major joys next semester!
  • Dancing to my beat...literally. I don't understand rhythm.
  • Peppermint. Iced. Mochas.
  • Drinking so much tea, its caffeine has no effect on me.
  • Loving my MK family, my WC family, and my family-family :)

I can't wait to go home next Tuesday, starfish on my bed, cuddle with my pup, and spend time with my family! Not to mention Turkey Day!

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