Why Catching Fire is SO Good...

So I saw Catching Fire last Friday. Of course I saw it within 24 hours of its premiere! Since it's my favorite book of one of my favorite young adult series (a series that seriously changed my life two years ago), I was beyond excited to see it's film version. And, I was excited for the return of some amazing actors and the ability to see some of my favorite book characters come to life. 

And I was NOT disappointed.

It did not disappoint in the least bit, and it followed the book quite closely save for a few minor details. You're going to love Peeta just a little more than you already do (and if you don't, you have no heart), J.Law is a queen, and everything is just amazing. You can tell their budget was a lot higher for this movie as well!

Favorite Scenes/Additions:
  • District 11: I cried so hard at this scene, SO HARD. The image of Rue's face, the three fingers, the emotions. I cried. I didn't shed a tear at the end of The Notebook, but I sobbed at this scene. Poor Rue :( Poor old man :(
  • Sam Claflin as Finnick: I was so pleasantly surprised by his acting! I have to admit I was a little skeptical about him when they first revealed Claflin as Finnick O'dair, handsome heartthrob of PanAm. However, he was absolutely fantastic, and he had an element of that Franco brother charm in him even. 
  • The Costumes: This is totally where you can see they had more money to spend. The costumes of the opening ceremonies were prime. And that wedding dress...just wait and see!
  • Jena Malone as Johanna: GOSH, I LOVE HER. I've loved her sass in everything in which I've seen her. I don't know that she's quite as well known as she should be, but Malone is awesome. I don't know that anyone was skeptical of her casting as Johanna, but she was awesome. So much 'tude. And...
  • THAT ELEVATOR SCENE: So hilarious. Everything about it was just hysterical, especially in the midst of all the heavy drama. J.Law's face. Malone. The wink. Just perfect comedy. I'm sure I'm not the first to rave about it.
  • The ending: Shit has gotten real in PanAm, as if it weren't already, and if you're only a movie watcher who never read the books, you're in for a ride. Collins did not a regular YA series create.

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