[Style Files] Thanksgiving Family Dinner

Thanksgiving Family Dinner

What to wear for Thanksgiving dinner? Whether you're going to your own family function, are a guest at a friend's, or meeting a significant other's family for the first time (God bless ya!), these kinds of things can be difficult sometimes. However, after having been to twenty Thanksgiving dinners myself (save for last year when I spent it Skyping with my family in sweatpants, eating frozen grapes...#studyabroadproblems), I think I've figured out the right methodology for picking out a good family dinner outfit.
  1. Pick something that allows your belly to grow. If you don't have a minor food baby after your Turkey dinner, you're doing something terribly wrong. Clingy shift dresses and pants just don't allow for belly growth, so pick something with a bit of flow like an A-line cut. I chose to feature a dress in plum because for some reason I'm obsessed with this color for late November! It's rich, simple, but interesting.
  2. Always layer. You could be walking into the Artic tundra or you could be walking into a sauna, you never know. Come prepared! You can't keep your jacket on the whole night--it's rude. So a heavier sweater should do the trick for when it's too cold, an keeping your outfit short sleeved will balance it out if it's too hot. I chose yellow because mustard yellow and plum just look so beautiful together. 
  3. Flats, flats, flats! Heels, puh-lease. I usually take my shoes off within five minutes of walking into my grandmother's house, so shoes aren't always a big issue. However, heels are just too much for Turkey dinner. Cute, simple flats will be comfortable and easy. You could also do a cute pair of riding boots as well. How quirky are leopard flats with plum and gold?
  4. Accessorize at your comfort level. I usually always wear a watch and a bangle, so that's what I included the above. I also usually have a purse with me, and I'm a little obsessed with this MK satchel at the moment. It reminds me of the fifties, and I love fifties style. Also, to the bangle above, totally just found something VERY similar at Charming Charlies, and I'm in love. It's in a ton of different colors as well!
And, of course, make sure your outfit leaves you comfortable! You should be more worried about getting together with family, sitting by the fireside, cracking up as the parents pour the wine (I guess I can legally drink it too now!), and forever being put at the kid table no matter how old you get. I hope everyone is enjoying time with family and that Thanksgiving will be full or all sorts of yummy food! I'll be putting up my post on all the things I've been grateful for this year tomorrow :)

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