This Year in Review: 2013

Whelp, 2013, we'll call you a learning year. I can't blame you, really, 2012 was such an amazing year, that it was going to be next to impossible for you to top it. There were a lot of growing pains in these past twelve months as I learned a lot about myself and about the people around me, but I'm proud of who I am at the end of the day. I certainly have a lot in which I'd like to improve, and here's to knowing 2014 is going to be a pretty interesting year. After all, I'm graduating and entering the real world; whether I like it or not there's going to be some major change!

Despite the roller coaster year, there were some pretty great moments in these 365 days. I closed some necessary doors (swimming, toxic friendships, an absurd amount of self doubt...), I opened a lot of new windows and strengthened some relationships. So, cheers 2013. Here's a little review of the highs:

You know how they say you have an urge to brag about your little?
I could brag about this girl for days! Love her to death, and I'm so happy
her name was on the phone call I got (coincidentally from my big, who was
president at the time!).
After three years of living over the bridge from Annapolis, I finally took
the time to explore this little city, courtesy of Shannon, who lives here.
Yes that's a cameo hat. Yes that's a $6 leopard dress with the strap down.
What you're missing is the great rubber flip flops with bows on my feet.
White trash bash was the theme, and I went all out.
I know! I can't believe I've never been before. It's way better than OCNJ, sorry!
T.Swizzle will for ever be my home girl, sorry to the haters. I love her despite
the growing pains she herself is going through. This was my second time
seeing her in concert. Who knows? Third time's a charm? Maybe next time I'll meet her!
I know I've done MD wrong these past few years!
It was so much fun! This was my first wedding ever, so it was exciting. And,
of course, I love my new cousin-in-law. They just spent Christmas night with us!
Contrary to regular practices, I did not get shitfaced. I did get to spend it
with some pretty awesome people, though, and I got a lot of things done
by saying it was my birthday (like making this one guy sing for us!).
Blaming my little for this one! However, I'm trying to kick it! It's a little too
expensive to be stopping at Dunkin or Starbucks every day!
And I love my new cousin-in-law too! She's above, I couldn't get a good
one of my cousin. This wedding was where I stuffed myself full of the most
delicious food ever...and then danced it off!
They also say you always think your big is the coolest person ever, and I have
to agree. We've only gotten closer over the past two years, and I'm so grateful
she's the chick I call big. She keeps it real, is impossibly sun-shiney, and she's
lately developed the best sass ever. 
Pink, bows, hair curled, spirit jersey--you're just missing the balloons I had in
my hand! Kidding aside though, I think I'm finally getting why being a part of
this sisterhood is so special. Like family, they're always there whether you
appreciate it or not. Whether I push or pull, they're there for me regardless.
2013 was a lot of dealing with toxic friendships and learning to let them go. That
said, it was also the beginning of a lot of great, new friendships! 
Still working for the coolest company out there, and who knows? It might
just turn into a career this year if life leads me down one path... (*knocks on wood*)
I can totally take care of my future kitten named Byron. Kittan (cat above) is
a piece of cake, and I love having her to come home to. I'm catsitting for my big,
and I love Kittan as if she were my own. Yes, I recognize crazy cat lady is a
real issue...
Gosh this is going to sound cliche, but I do realize just how rarely we're all
together when we're all in college. We used to be all down the hall from
each other, and now we're all off doin' our own things. Love my meemers and
didi forever, though :)

See you soon, 2014!

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