Relay 4 Life: Crowns against Cancer

This past Friday night was my last Relay 4 Life for the foreseeable future! I only went once in high school, but I made sure to attend every year when I got to college, and I'm a little sad it's already over. For three years I was apart of the swim team's relay team, so it was fun to finally be on the Zeta one! We called our team "Crowns against Cancer," and had nail painting for donations. We also handed out Breast Cancer Awareness products as that's our philanthropy (more on that in an upcoming post). Every year, Relay 4 Life at my school does different activities to keep the night fun: melting a T-shirt in ice, a burrito eating contest, and even a fun dance rave. My ZTA family participated in the T-shirt contest together (by chance as it goes...) and got a little competitive...
I also participated in a Chipotle burrito eating contest...
Cute, huh?
And of course got to spend another night with some of my best friends. I'm getting so ridiculously sentimental and nostalgic as my days nearing graduation draw nearer!
Also, shout out to the girls who lasted the whole night! Had such a fun night with all of them even if we were catatonic by six a.m. And to my crazy hair the whole night...
The message of Relay 4 Life is so important, and I'm glad I could be apart of it for my four years here! If you don't know much about it, learn. It's a wonderful cause that helps fund a lot of research against cancer. It's motto is "Official sponsor of birthdays." I mean, really?! How could you not rally for a cause like that?

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